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Sooty Porter launches in Hobart

Our latest limited release brew, Sooty Porter, will be launched at the Westend Pumphouse in Hobart on Friday 25 September 2015 with a matched snack prepared by Pumphouse chef Tom.  

Sooty Porter features pale malted barley smoked over shavings from port and bourbon barrels. The latter provide enticing smoke-laced notes with hints of vanilla, toasted marshmallow, maple syrup and, um ... soot.

The wood shavings were provided by Adam Bones, owner of the Tasmanian Cask Company, whose business re-models bourbon, port and muscat barrels, mainly for local whisky distillers. While cooper Adam manages to sell small quantities of the shavings - mainly to backyard food smokers - he has a veritable mountain of the stuff which was just crying out for a better use.

We developed the smoking process in-house earlier this year to produce our annual, mid-winter batch of Smokin’ Bagpipes. Previously, we would have to deliver the malt to our friends at Lark Distillery in Hobart where they would peat-smoke it for us on their purpose-built equipment. This year they happily provided a bucket of peat from their bog in the Tasmanian central highlands while we concocted a way to set it smouldering and blow the smoke up the rear-end of our mash tun, with the grain laid out on the screen floor.

Apart from the trial and error involved, our smoking technique is fairly time-consuming, with the grain having to be smoked in several batches, for up to 12 hours at a time. Still, we reckon the results were worth it, even if Willie ended up smelling like a kippered herring for days on end.

Sooty Porter was brewed with help from the Hobart gang from the New Sydney Hotel and associated venue West-end Pumphouse, two of our regular tap outlets in southern Tassie. This was the fourth such “buddy” brew we’ve done with them.

We were also assisted on the day by Sooty the brewery cat, who took great delight in repeatedly diving into the bag of wood shavings and, ultimately, lent her name to Seven Sheds latest creation.

Sooty Porter will be available on tap at the New Sydney Hotel and at the West-End Pumphouse from Friday 25 September and, in limited quantities, at the Tasmanian Microbrew Fest on Saturday 26 September; and in bottles through the Seven Sheds cellar door Inquiries via


The latest issue of Australian Mountain Bike Magazine has landed in our brewery bar for your MTB reading...

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Where can I buy Seven Sheds beer?

Seven Sheds beers are available at the following outlets:

Tasmania’s North West

SHEFFIELD - Mountain Mumma

LATROBE- Anvers Chocolates

PARRAMATTA CREEK – Tasmanian Food & Wine Conservatory

ELIZABETH TOWN - Ashgrove Farm Cheese / Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Café

MOLE CREEK - Mole Creek Hotel (on tap)

DEVONPORT - Mrs Jones, Laneway Deli, Wagyu Pie Company, Petuna Seafoods

PENGUIN – Mt Gnomon Farm

BURNIE - Club Hotel bottle shop

CRADLE MOUNTAIN - Discovery Holiday Parks (overnight guests only), Cradle Mountain Lodge Boutique Shop

STANLEY - Stanley Hotel (on tap)

CORINNA - Corinna Wilderness Village

North-east Tasmania:

LAUNCESTON / TAMAR VALLEY – Davies Grand Central, Crown Cellars, Balmoral on York, Moores Hill Winery, Harvest Market (about once a month), Country Club Tasmania

WELDBOROUGH - Weldborough Hotel

Southern Tasmania:

HOBART - on tap at the New Sydney Hotel; by the bottle at Cellarbrations Sandy Bay & Cambridge, Alabama, Cool Wine, Society Salamanca, Eumarrah, Blue Eye, Destination Cellars

BRUNY ISLAND - Get Shucked


A unique black beer was launched at Anvers chocolate factory in Latrobe on Black Friday by celebrity chef Ben Milbourne.

Black Inca is the latest release from Seven Sheds Brewery and is made with rare Fortunato # 4 cacao beans from Peru, as well as organic quinoa and oats from Kindred, Tasmania.

 These remarkable cacao beans are the real hero in Black Inca, says Seven Sheds owner/head brewer Willie Simpson. We wanted  to create a beer that was every bit as complex, delicate and mysterious as the cacao itself.

Other breweries have made chocolate-infused beers but once I heard the fantastic story behind Fortunato # 4, I knew we had to give it a shot. Locally-grown quinoa adds a nutty character and, of course, also originates from Peru, while the organic oats provide a creamy texture which complements the distinctive cacao flavours. 

Anvers Confectionery is Australias sole importer of Fortunato # 4 chocolate which hails from a remote mountainous region of Peru.  Earlier this year, Anvers founder/managing director Igor van Gerwen travelled to Peru for the annual harvest at the Fortunato cacao farm. 

In my 30 years of searching for different varieties of single-origin chocolate, I have never tasted a chocolate this intense, says Mr van Gerwen. The floral aromas and exotic fruit flavours make Fortunato # 4 a very complex, powerful chocolate which finishes with minimal bitterness.

In fact, Fortunato # 4 cacao belongs to the Original Cacao strain, thought to have been wiped out by disease around 100 years ago. While Anvers imports the finished Fortunato # 4 chocolate product, they have also started bringing in a supply of cacao beans for Seven Sheds Black Inca.

Igor van Gerwen is returning to Lima, Peru for an international chocolate conference in July, this time accompanied by his 14-year-old daughter Kate van Gerwen.


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Festivals, events and markets update

Here's a list of festivals, events and markets we're planning over the next few months:


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